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    Letter From the Founder

    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your interest in our . Here are Woodtech , LLC, we take pride in what we do. Our daily goal is to bring quality woodworking machines to the market, and offer them at a fair and . Couple that with attentive , and we feel like we have found a winning

    Machinery and woodworking has been in our family for years. My father ran a machine shop for over 40 years building machinery for sawmills and woodworking manufacturing facilities. I personally started and operated a successful wood products company for 14 years. I say that to bring to light the fact that not only are we familiar with machinery, we have also operated these types of machines as a manufacturer over the years. This has significantly informed our process in manufacturing quality machines. These machines are products we would be proud of to have in our own . once said – Well done is better than well said. I can sit here at my desk all day, and this paper I'm writing this on will allow me to write anything that I want, But in the end, I would rather humbly ask that you give us the opportunity to work for you, and show you how we can help you with your machinery needs.

    From our family to yours!
    We wish you many !

  • Optimizing Saw

    Optimizing Saw WTM-CS20x

    Wood Dimensions:
    Ingoing lengths min./max. 800mm – unlimited
    Ingoing min./max. 50 – 300mm
    Ingoing thicknesses min./max.2 – 12mm
    max. 300x5mmm max. 150x80mm
    : +/- 0.5 – +/- 1.5mm

    cycle: 1-6 times per second (servo drive)
    infinitely adjustable: 0-120 m/min.
    Machine : 35”

    Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3
    Full electrical load: 20.5 kW
    Operating load:  8 kW
    Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3
    PhaseAir consumption: approx. 1200 L/min.
    pressure: approx. 30m/sec
    Diameter of : 120mm (2pcs)

  • Automatic Finger Jointer Line


    Finger Jointer line

    MF756A :
    Working table Length: 1150mm  
    working table width: 600mm Motor power: 0.375kw

    MXZ3515-II :
    Table : 850W x 600L mm 
    Max. working size: 850L x 80W x 150H mm 
    Min. working size: 200L x 30W x 20H mm 
    Shaper spindle diameter: 70mm  
    Shaper blade diameter: 160mm 
    Main saw blade size: 255mm  
    Shaper spindle speed: 5000 rpm 
    Main saw spindle speed: 2840 rpm 
    Working air pressure: 0.8
    Mpa Total power: 16.12kw 

    MF756B Middle strap
    Working table Length:1150mm 
    working table width: 600mm   
    Motor power: 0.375kw 

    Table size(W x L): 850 x 600 mm 
    Max. working size(L x W x H): 850 x 80 x 150mm 
    Min. working size: 200L x 30W x 20H mm 
    Shaper spindle diameter: 70mm   
    Shaper blade diameter: 160mm 
    Main saw blade size: 255mm    
    Shaper spindle speed: 5000 rpm 
    Main saw spindle speed: 2840 rpm 
    Working air pressure: 0.8 Mpa    
    Total power:18.74kw 

    MF746 output conveyor,  
    MF761 @2sets 
    (Include 1 set Tipper)MHZ 1560 Auto finger joint assembler:
    Max. working size: 6000L x 150W x 80H mm
    (1times can make 2 workpiece)   
    Min. working size: 1500L x 30W x 20H mm 
    Main saw blade size: 355mm    
    Working air pressure: 0.8 Mpa Max.
    Jointing  force: 7800kg   
    Total power: 8.45kw

  • Gang Rip Saw

    Model Name: Movable Gang Rip Saw  


    1. Max. cutting : 350mm
    2. Max cutting : 10-100mm
    3. : 750mm
    4. Number of blade: Movable 3 blades
    5. : 300-400mm
    6. Spindle rotation speed: 4200 rpm
    7. Blade adjustment speed: 44-66 m/sec
    8. : 6-48m/min
    9. : 6 blades
    10. Saw spindle dia.: 65mm
    11. Number of pressure rollers: 4
    12. Electronic lasers for each blade

    Electrical Requirements:
    : 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase

  • Straight Line Rip Saw

    Model: WTM-SLR460

    : Straight line rip  

    Working Thickness: 10-90mm
    Min. : 200mm
    Max. Working : 460mm
    Main Motor Power: 11kw
    Feeding Motor Power: 1.5kw
    Elevation Motor Power: 0.25kw
    Total Motor Power: 12.75kw
    Feeding Speed: 10-33m/min
    Spindle Speed: 2900 rpm
    : 350-400mm

    : 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase

    Model: WTM-SLR660

    Model Name: 
    Straight line rip saw 

    Working Thickness: 10-90mm
    : 260mm
    Max. Working Width: 660mm
    Main Motor Power: 15kw
    Feeding Motor Power: 2.2kw
    Elevation Motor Power: 0.25kw
    Total Motor Power: 17.45kw
    Feeding Speed: 10-33m/min
    Spindle Speed: 3000 rpm
    Saw Blade Dia.: 400-450mm

    Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase

  • Horizontal Band Saws

    WTM-400Z2 and WTM-400Z3

    Model Name: 
    Two or Three heads HD Horizontal Band
    Max. workpiece : 300mm
    Thickness of production board: 5-130mm
    of : 375mm
    Diameter of : 711mm
    Diameter of saw wheel: 711mm
    : 0-15m/min
    : 50-60kg/cm
    Size of : 185”
    Length, 2” wide, 1.6mm thick

    Voltage: 460V/60 HZ/3 phase
    Full : 18.5 KW x 2 or 3 depending on the model
    Approx Overall dimension: 2800L x 2200W x 2000H 

  • Panel Saws

    Multi-Blades Panel Saw line


    Main Spindle Dia: 74mmSaw
    Blade Diameter: 205mm

    Max. :
    1600mm Working Thickness: 0-30mm
    Main : 2600rpm
    Main Motor Power: 22kw
    Feeding  Motor Power: 1.5kw
    Min. Raw Panel Width: 650mm
    Rubber : 12pcsAnti-kickback safeguard

    : 460 Volt/60Hz/3
    Phase Options:
    Semi- hydraulic lifting and receiving table: 
    Max Weight Loading:3000kgs
    Lift Table : 1600 X 2400mm

    Automatic pusher machine (including CNC lift table): 
    Automatic push plate stroke: 3000mm 
    Push plate thickness: 8-100mm
    Push speed: 0-25m/min
    Frequency conversion motor power:0.75kw
    Table Size: 1600*2400 Max Weight Loading: 3000kgs
    Feeding Motor Power:3kw
    System: Delta PLC control connect Pusher and lift table