Wire Brushing/Denibbing Machine

Model: WTM-UVWB Series

Model Name: 
Wire brushing/ Denibbing Sanding Machine

Wire brushing, embossment, texturing, of the grain in wood furniture, flooring, panels etc.

1.  Available in  24”, 36”, 51” Widths
2. Work piece thickness: 2-80mm
3. Min working length: 300mm 
4. Feeding speed: 5-20m/min
5. Available in 2-6 head configurations

1. Feed belt thickness 5mm, high temperature resistance fish bone belt.
2. Schneider Electronics
3. Delta frequency converter control each brushing heads individually
4. Adjustable height pressure roller- 2 rolls per head
5. Height counters with individual height adjustment
6. Multiple wire diameter and bristle lengths available
* Optional -Precision automatic lifting motor for height adjustment

Electrical Requirements:
Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase