Grain Filling Machine

Model: WTM-UVGF Series

Reverse for grain fill on , flooring, panels etc.

1. in  24”, 36”, 51” Widths
2. Work piece : 2-80mm
3. Min : 300mm 
4. Feeding speed: 5-20m/min
5. Available in single or double head configuration

1. JMC Aluminum alloy reduction gear drive.
2. Filler scrape wheel equipped with RV reducer to control scraper uniformity.
3. Schneider electronics 
4. High-quality coupling transmission. NSK Japanese bearings.
5. belt is a 2MM anti-sliding PVC conveyor belt
6. Precision    for height adjustment
7. All adjustments are fittied with individual counters

Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase