Panel Saws

Multi-Blades Panel Saw line


Multi-Blades Panel Saw: 
Main Spindle Dia: 74mmSaw
Blade Diameter: 205mm

Max. Working Width:
1600mm Working Thickness: 0-30mm
Main Spindle speed: 2600rpm
Feeding Speed:0-15m/min
Main Motor Power: 22kw
Feeding  Motor Power: 1.5kw
Min. Raw Panel Width: 650mm
Rubber Roller: 12pcsAnti-kickback safeguard

Electrical Requirements:
Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3
Phase Options:
Semi-automatic hydraulic lifting and receiving table: 
Max Weight Loading:3000kgs
Lift Table Size: 1600 X 2400mm

Automatic pusher machine (including CNC lift table): 
Automatic push plate stroke: 3000mm 
Push plate thickness: 8-100mm
Push speed: 0-25m/min
Frequency conversion motor power:0.75kw
Table Size: 1600*2400 Max Weight Loading: 3000kgs
Feeding Motor Power:3kw
System: Delta PLC control connect Pusher and lift table