Airjet/IR Tunnel

Airjet/IR Leveling Tunnel
Used for drying and leveling of waterbased and reactive finishes

Model: WTM-UVIR series

1. Available in  24”, 36”, 51” Widths
2. Work piece thickness: 2-80mm
3. Feeding speed: 5-20m/min
4. Available in 24’, 36’ and 48’ lengths
5. Working height: 800mm

1. Conveyor is a stainless steel net
2. Heating using far-infrared ray IR ceramic 0.3kw lamp tube and 30kw heating box.
3. Temperature control adopts independent control, accurately control the temperature. The side cover of the oven is easy to be disassembled and installed convenient for maintenance.
4. Side covers open for convenient lamp disassembly or maintenance. 
5. 5.5KW high pressure fan, sprayed and dried by 38 jet tip

Electrical Requirements:
Operating voltage: 460 Volt/60Hz/3 Phase